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If you have received a call that a loved one has been detained, chances are you might need to acquire a bail bond and an appearance bond on their behalf. The former gets them released from jail and the latter guarantees that they will appear in court for their arraignment. Some of the most common bail bonds include drug charge bail bonds, DWI/DUI bail bonds, felony bail bonds, and more. At Dante’s Bail Bonds, we provide professional bail bonds services. Our bail bond agents will provide sound guidance every step of the way and ensure that your loved one is released from jail as soon as possible.

Bail Bonds

DUI and DWI bail bonds can bevery serious.

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24 Hour Bail Bonds

Don't let jail prevent you or a loved one from responsibilities

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Domestic Abuse Bail Bonds

Domestic abuse is violent or aggressive behavior within the home.

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Drug Charge Bail Bonds

The state of Louisiana classifies drugs by schedules.

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DUI & DWI Bail Bonds

The penalties for these charges vary depending on the amount.

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Payment Plan Bail Bonds

At Dante's Bail Bonds we are focused on getting.

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The Bail Bond Agents

  • Cash Bail
  • Property
  • State Bond
  • Release on Personal (Own) Recognizance
  • Surety Bond
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Bail Bonds
Bail Hearings
Bail Hearings

A bail hearing allows a judge to decide whether to allow a defendant to post bail and release them from jail while awaiting trial. Dante's

Bail Payments
Bail Payment Procedures

By posting a bail, the court may release a loved one from the custody of law enforcement officers and entrust them to the custody of

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice System

Bail bonds provide an affordable and a safe way for defendants to restore their freedom until their fair trial. The U.S. criminal justice system recognizes


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