You just got the call that a friend of yours was arrested, and is sitting in jail. It can be difficult to know what to do in this situation, especially since most people don’t deal with the criminal justice system on a daily basis. Who should you call? What steps should you take to help your loved one? Hollywood and TV Shows have warped our perspective on the bail bond system and bail agents.

Because of this, it is important to start at the beginning and have a good understanding of what bail is, how the bail process works, and why obtaining bail bonds in Baton Rouge LA with an experienced Baton Rouge Bail Bonds Company is the best option when it comes to helping your loved one get of jail and back home where they belong.

Below you can find helpful websites, addresses, and contact numbers relating to East Baton Rouge Parish Bail Bonds:

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney:
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriffs Office:
East Baton Rouge Parish Inmate Search:

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